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I have a couple of native English writers on board who write very engaging, appealing and unique product descriptions for my Alidropship sites.

The same products we import from Aliexpress are also available on hundreds of other stores and its all duplicate content. Unique content helps in ranking your products high in search engines, thereby getting your store free organic traffic. Alidropship too recommends to add unique descriptions for better SEO of your store. It also improves the conversion rate of your store.

If anyone is interested in getting unique product descriptions for their stores, price is $3 per 100 words. Bulk discounts available.

Post here or send me a PM. Samples available.

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Unique content helps in ranking your products high in search engines
Compared to Facebook ads and Instagram shoutouts ... search engine traffic is a poor competitor these days. It's not as important as it was years ago. It's great to have good SEO friendly descriptions, and it's really a must. It's also more important to have creative and "engaging" descriptions for the customers reading them ... but $3 per 100 words simply isn't worth it. I guess non native English speakers could use this service ... but the price is a total ripoff. It's taking advantage of people with poor English skills.

Disclaimer: This is just my humble opinion.

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