Hello, I would like to know one thing when you start your online store do you start optimizing the seo first where you focus on generating the first sales with Facebook advertising to go faster?

I am starting a project with a catalogue of 1000 products and I would like to have seen advice on what to focus on first SEO or Paid Advertising. Thank you to you.


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The best thing about SEO is that it's free ... and it will bring in "some" traffic, but it's not like it was a few years ago. Now the net is saturated with hundreds of thousands of sites and whatever niche you choose will also have, at least, thousands of sites. They can't ALL appear on the first page of search results. And the first page is all that matters. Not many go to the second page. There's a saying now "SEO is dead" ... but the desperate and clueless SEO companies won't admit to that of course.

But having said that ... it's still worthwhile having for the small amount of traffic it can bring. But you're going to have to have unique, original extra content like blogs/articles etc to get any value.

As for the "non free" methods like Facebook ads ... they certainly make sales. Like they say, "You have to spend money to make money"


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Right. Up to you I guess. If you find it hard to write a home page article and category descriptions because that's all it is.

You still have to write descriptions for all your products, and that's the main thing but it's not covered by that service.

Read what I said about SEO on the other thread you posted this question.
If you consider “efficient” to be something you can control with relatively fast results, paid advertising will be most efficient — assuming you have the ability to track the effectiveness of your ads and they are past the break-even curve in terms of cost. In other words, if you know you can be profitable with your advertising, you can manage and control it to produce continuing results “on demand” and test variables for enhanced effectiveness and profitability.
SEO is more of a long-term game. Solid SEO will increase your site’s credibility and therefore you will have an easier job of selling your product/service — and your advertising will likely be more effective (and possibly relatively inexpensive).
A serious marketer especially with the ability to achieve direct response results will want to seek out effective SEO and advertise. If your market/demand is longer-range in nature, the balance may skewer to SEO. Also advertising can be very expensive if you haven’t established a baseline for effective results and profitability.

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assuming you have the ability to track the effectiveness
More important than that is the ability to create engaging and interesting ads ... otherwise you'd have no effectiveness to track.

SEO is more of a long-term game.
I agree. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for instant results ... :)

And most important these days is establishing a strong Social Media presence, preferably with links to original, informative and/or entertaining content on your site in the form of blogs (which comes back to helping SEO) ... or product videos on Youtube. (even just slideshows of the product's pics with background music, your site's logo watermark and a link to the product page if you can't manage anything else)

nowadays, it is difficult to imagine the successful operation of any enterprise without a well-organized marketing and proper level of advertising promotion of production products. The role of advertising in the company's activities has become a key point of modern trade. I once decided to open my own hair salon, but of course there were very few visitors without advertising on social networks. thanks to advertising, it is possible to form and strengthen a positive idea of the consumer about the quality and valuable properties of goods and services. After thinking about all the pros and cons, I decided to contact a digital marketing agency and they looked to help raise the site's rating, which advanced my dream business from the dead end.
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the effect of SEO has been very small for several years
No, the effect of seo has been very big for many year, is the first is gonna show up in search results after the paid ads.

For me I give more attention to links without ads in search engine, so even the seo site is come third in search engine is the first one which i gonna hit for I check it out.
We are 2020 people know when a search result is paid ads and what is not.