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we’re happy to invite you to join the Sellvia Affiliate Program!

Join us and make money with affiliate marketing by sharing Sellvia with your friends, clients, and followers :cool:

What is the Sellvia Affiliate Program?
Sellvia Affiliate Program allows you to earn a commission for every person that subscribes to Sellvia with your help. Your goal is to create and distribute any pieces of promotional, educational, or entertaining content (blog articles, social media posts, emails, videos, etc.) at your choice and include your unique affiliate code in the content links. We track these unique links, and every time a person subscribes to Sellvia within 30 days after viewing or reading your content, you earn a commission.

Who can join Sellvia Affiliate Program?
- If you own a blog, run a successful YouTube channel, or social media communities, Sellvia Affiliate program is a great way to monetize your audience.
- If you help people scale their business or educate them on financial opportunities, then tell them about running an online business with Sellvia!
- If you are a freelancer who helps clients set up their stores, you are welcome to refer clients by showing them all unique Sellvia features, from fast US shipping to ready product pages and more.

- You will be paid a 50% commission for a monthly subscription plan for 2 months of the client's active subscription
- You will be paid a 30% commission for every custom store package sale

What's more?
30-days cookie time, payments on your PayPal account (the minimum payout amount is $50), affiliate banners and texts included, and game-changing and high demanded solution to promote! ;)

How to join?
Fill the form here and we'll approve it asap :)

Find out more about Sellvia >>> here
Join the Sellvia Affiliate Program >>>

If you have any questions regarding the Program please feel free to reply here or contact us at

See you there!


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Oh, great! Last year, when COVID started, it was an incredibly difficult time to make money, so I decided to join a few affiliate programs since I worked as a sales assistant and obviously couldn't do it from home. I started to make a lot of money straight away, and I kept asking myself why the hell didn't I join any affiliate programs earlier. Anyway, thank you for this opportunity; I'll think about it, and I might actually join! By the way, I also found this article with a lot of other affiliate programs You should check it out if you're looking to make some passive income!
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