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Please say to me that you come in a dropshipping forum to dropshipping your products? :D

I am bore to make fun of this kind of things :)


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we hire coders to code our website . So it's not through any platform.
So your website is full custom..
Also the way how to promote the same backlink in the same exactly url is not the way to go.

With the way you have your website you will be always dependenting on those people.

So talk to them.


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How should we change our website? They are part of our team.
Your development team should know this staff..
Better option start from scratch with popular platform like wordpress for example, then you will have million of available plugin for use.
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I quickly sold my child's children's things, some of them I just gave away. When I realized that my child is much more stylish than me, I also thought about fashion and style. To understand what suits you, you need to soberly assess yourself, your figure, color type, lifestyle, etc., to determine how to emphasize the advantages and hide the disadvantages. It is essential to work with yourself today. Do not create a style for a girl from the pages of magazines, which you would like to look like, or for yourself ten years younger or "soon to lose weight" on the size. It would be best if you looked beautiful here and now. Improve your style. Keep up with what's trendy. T-shirts are in fashion now We change. Fashions change. New opportunities arise and should not be neglected.


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You can sell them online from your own store built with a platform like Shopify, on third-party marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.


For things to be sold quickly and easily, many factors need to be considered, but the main thing is not to forget about the presentation. It is unlikely that there will be many buyers for a scooter that has not bothered to wash off dirt or a branded but crumpled dress. When you have put the thing in perfect condition, washed, ironed, and "rubbed the chrome surfaces to shine," you need to take at least 10 photos of the best quality. Show the thing from all angles, focus on the details to be seen that durable footwear or thing. Experienced sellers of second-hand items pay attention that it is impossible to photograph children's clothes or toys by laying them on the floor, no matter how clean and beautiful this floor maybe.
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