Sell Verified Crypto wallets Paxful Kraken Binance


Hello my dear friends.
I sell verified accounts various wallets and platforms for bitcoin trading.
My accounts are of the best quality. Accounts are verified on real people.

Below are my products:

Paxful (ID & Adress verified) Price 80$

Kraken Price 100$

Binance (ID & Adress verified) Price 90$

Also I can provide Bitzlato , Paxum , Wirex , Coinmama , Bittrex , Bitpanda , Neteller , Revolut , BitPay , Bitfinex, Skrill,, CoinPayments

If you need verification of a service that is not on this list - write to me, we can discuss it

For wholesale buyers, the price is discussed individually
Warranty 1 week from the date of purchase (Except when you have violated the rules of the site)

Get in touch to buy

Telegram username @Duster218

Skype live:.cid.866d1745e6a67615


You can always find specialists who can help you in all matters.In general, it all depends on the sphere of your activity. Only then you can give some specific recommendations. If it is, as in my case, cryptocurrency mining, then the best solution is free bitcoin mining hosting. When I switched to hosting, it increased my profits. I think you will find all the answers from them.


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Using this service can never guarantee your anonymity and the safety of funds. Because no wallet or exchange will guarantee you anonymity, because you provide all the necessary data yourself. I personally adhere to anonymity and for storing and transferring my crypto assets I use exclusively bitcoin blender. I really like this service because using bitcoin blender can provide several benefits for privacy and identity protection:
Anonymity: By blending their bitcoins with others, users can hide the source and destination of their Bitcoin transactions, making it difficult to tie them to a specific person or address.
Enhanced privacy: Bitcoin transactions are recorded in a public ledger, which means anyone can see transaction details, including the amount, sender, and recipient. Using a mixer can help keep this data private.
Protection against surveillance: In some cases, governments or other organizations may monitor Bitcoin transactions. Using a mixer will help protect against this kind of surveillance.
Security: Using a mixer can help prevent others from tracking a user's Bitcoin transactions, which can help protect against theft and fraud.
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As you know, the topic of selling cryptocurrencies on binance or other platforms is not exactly safe and requires a high level of expertise in this business in order not to lose your funds. If I were you, I would try to exchange your funds to a currency you are comfortable with and you can try Сryptex. This platform offers an OTC trading platform that allows you to make high volume trades directly with other market participants. This OTC functionality provides efficient and secure transactions, providing liquidity and flexibility for your trading needs. In addition, Cryptex provides a secure wallet system for safe storage of your cryptocurrencies.

When it comes to trading cryptocurrencies, it is important to have a well-defined strategy. Familiarize yourself with different trading techniques, risk management and market analysis. Cryptex offers educational resources such as tutorials, articles and market overviews to help you improve your trading skills.


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It's quite intriguing to come across your post about selling verified crypto wallets and platforms. It's clear you've got a range of options to offer, and in this evolving crypto landscape, having verified accounts can make a big difference. Many businesses are hopping on the crypto train as a payment option these days, so your services could really come in handy. Just a friendly tip: as you dive into these transactions, keeping track of your crypto taxes is crucial. You might find helpful for that – it's like a personal co-pilot for managing tax responsibilities in the crypto realm.
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If you are choosing a truly reliable and secure crypto wallet, first of all I recommend looking for some new and most technologically advanced solutions with a high level of protection against fraud. Thus, the nonbank platform automatically verifies all your transactions and also provides a reliable security system to protect your financial assets.