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Is there a way to only show the price you’re selling an item for, when every product shows as being on sale, everyday, all the time, I think people catch onto that and it can come off as disingenuous
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Hi friends,

I think I am in the same situation (if "to be on sale" does mean "in discount" ?).
I don't want lot of my products are in discount, it's not "black friday" every day :D

When I put the price of my product to 0 (In all products > Variations) after record the product doesn't appear with a stroke price anymore on my shop.

In administration interface, the final result :


Before / after on my shop :


But I don't know if it's the good way to cancel a discount.



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Thanks for the reply, I also discovered that if you make both the regular and sale price the same amount it gets rid if it.
Yes, if you set both price the same, it will show the price as original price, no discount tags
if the price is updated by the supplier (the regular price changes automatically), what happens ?
If you use Pricing Formula, nothing you can really do but check regularly. That's why I add my product's price manually