seling a dog harness store and more


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The website is specialized for dog's accessories/clothes.
- around 500 products
- Unique custom logo with exclusive rights
- Alidropship standalone plugin
- Abandoned Cart AliDropship Plugin
- Countdown AliDropship Plugin
- Recent Sales Pop-Up AliDropship Plugin
- UpSell AliDropship Plugin
- GA Enhanced eCommerce
- Shipping Product Aliexpress
- Social Rabbit
- Facebook and Instagram pages
- hosting and domain paid by end of this year
It's up, so I'm just looking for somebody who has the time to spend to make it great. Message me to
also and all stores can go together or separatly, only a view days available otherwise i will continue.
You've probably wondered by now whether a harness or a collar is better for your dog. Many people still decide this question, usually guided only by their taste. However, there is already enough objective data on which the collar can safely be considered a relic of the past. Every one of us has seen dogs who, due to the intense pressure of the collar, begin to gasp and choke. Studies have shown that strain on the animal's throat, cervical vertebrae, and back muscles lead to back problems, headaches, and dizziness. The dog has to endure this pain because he can't report it. And if the dog develops behavioral issues related to this pain, it is again the dog's responsibility. I would advise you to Get More Info


I had a harness for a small dog who suddenly grew up. I don't know how I didn't notice, but the breed was such that the dog was not supposed to grow. I had been teaching her through training since she was a baby. It helped until the dog started actively growing. So, if anyone knows anyone who has bought harnesses for their age, how do you choose them? Is there a chart with sizes? I do not want to change the collar, but the leash and harness I would buy from you. But you need a much larger size than the online shop website.
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