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Beast is a well known BTC middleman on this site. I've dealt with him a lot before and haven't had any issues with him until a few months back. A friend of mine wanted to buy bitcoin and I said he can get it from him, I spoke to Beast and middleman'd the deal. I also vouched for my friend. Beast asked for 4 payments through Zelle of $250 each, and the next day 1 of them cancelled by the bank and was refunded. My "friend" decided to disappear and not pay Beast what he owed. I felt bad as I vouched for him and me and Beast agreed to a price. As seen in screenshots below for me to pay him $150. I paid him that $150 months ago and now he is coming back. Threatening to get me banned and to make me lose all my business on this site and rune-server (he refers to it as runemarket in the screenshot) if I don't pay the rest. Just wanted to make this known to the staff here and on all sites where I post this that this "debt" has been long settled and he's just being greedy for more money.


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There’s a big difference between playing the victim, and trying to defend myself from any punishment. We agreed to a price, you were understanding of the situation, and I paid the price. Now you’re coming back asking for more. I’ve never claimed to be the victim here no shit you got fucked over by this retard but you told me $150 and I got it that same day. I never scammed you I did what I could to get your money. Now stop asking for more with threats of getting me banned.


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Hey there, just read your post about Beast trying to blackmail you, and that really sucks. I can't believe he'd pull something like that, especially since you guys already settled the debt. As someone who's been around this forum for a while, I'd hate to see someone go through this kind of thing for no good reason. Honestly, I'm glad you shared your experience with all of us here. It's best to make this known to both the staff and the rest of the community, so they're aware of what's happening. Key takeaway I've learned from situations like this though: - it's so important to protect yourself. Stay strong, and I hope this gets resolved soon!
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If you already settled the debt and have proof of payment, make sure to share that with the staff to clear things up.
always be cautious when dealing with middlemen and financial transactions to avoid potential issues like this. It's unfortunate that this experience has left you in such a difficult position, but I hope it can be resolved amicably with the involved parties.