Refunds Plugin for Standard AliDropshop Plugin and El Greco Wordpress Theme

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No. The Original Plugin contains its own unique "shopping cart" system and the Alidropship team would have to develop a dedicated refund plugin for it. If it existed it would be in Alidropships Addons section .. And there is not one there.

And what theme you're using is irrelevant. If Alidropship ever developed a refund plugin/addon (**Which I doubt, see below) it would work in conjunction with the Original plugin. Not a theme.

** And the reason I doubt they would not make a refund plugin is the same as why even the Woocommerce refund plugins would not be workable. There are two parties involved in the refund process. You and the Aliexpress seller. It's also a two-step process. You need to go to Aliexpress, file a dispute and get a refund from the seller paid to you. At the same time, you need to issue a refund via Paypal or your credit card processor e.g Stripe to your customer.

The Woocommerce refund plugins are made for "normal" stores that stock their own products, not stores that sell products stocked by another seller. (The Aliexpress seller) They are not designed for the two-step process I described above. In other words, they're not designed for dropshipping setups.

The process for issuing refunds is described here ...

I really don't see the need for it myself, unless you are issuing HEAPS of refunds every day. And if that's the case, you have bigger problems than trying to find a refund plugin compatible with the Alidropship Original plugin.

And to solve those "bigger problems" you would have to be more careful in your product selection and Aliexpress seller selection to reduce the number of refund requests. Here's a blog article explaining how ...
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