Recently Created Custom Watches / Watch Strap Store + AliDrop Hosting for sale $150


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✔ Store :
✔ Custom store created by AliDrop Team.
✔ Domain hosting - NameCheap (remain until Jul 9, 2021)
✔ Web Hosting - AliDrop Sliver
✔ Niche - Watches, Watch Straps
✔ Products - 50 imported with reviews
✔ Reason for selling - Due to a personal circumstance currently i do not have time to invest on dropshipping. Simply thing changed the way it soulld not be in life
✔ Please be note that original prices i paid was custom store $299 + Domain/Premium DNS,SSL $15 = $314!

★ Selling Price - $150 (Yes $150 due to an emergency)
If you are interested please contact me via


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The mere fact that a mechanical watch is stopped is not in itself critical. Yes, with constant winding stops, the life of some parts decreases. However, the only inconvenience when applied to modern movements is the need to periodically set the correct time and wind the watch. To counterbalance this inconvenience, engineers have introduced an automatic winding function where the mainspring is wound by simply shaking the watch. But I like the watch better with a watch winder box. You can use other models as well. But some classic models without a watch winder need to be wound manually.
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With the advent of smartphones, the era of wrist, wall, and desktop watches seemed to end. But they remained and retained the image of a "status" item. Wristwatches transformed into smart gadgets and became the favorite accessory of businessmen and athletes. If the sales of watches are falling/freezing, they are not being sold correctly or are being sold to the wrong people. Personally, I'm in touch with a pawn store for luxury timepieces. In fact, since I started working with the experts from this pawn shop, my watch sales have gone up.
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