Purchased product

A product purchased by a customer and it is no longer in stock on Aliexpress. After 24 hours it appears with the double price. I did not arrive to buy it and send it to the customer.
Although the update of the prices and the stock are well adjusted.

How I have to settle this and especially send the product. ???


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Hello @Antiwana ,

If I understood correctly... a customer bought one of your products, but now the product costs twice as much on AliExpress from that particular seller, and what you want/need is to use another seller/supplier.

To change your supplier, first search for that same product on Aliexpress at a lower price, then copy the URL of the product page eg:

Only to where does the .html end, and delete everything else.

Now go to your product page, click on edit product / scroll down to the product options section / and click on Supplier tab at the left:


Click on the Reset button, and add your new product URL to replace the old one, and reset your product.

Once done, your product will going to use the new product/supplier from Aliexpress instead of the old one, and you can now buy that same item at a lower price.

I hope I've helped.
thank you for the answer
Every time I have to translate from French and to French.
For that my question is poorly explained.
But basically I understood, thank you :)