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Google said:
As of October 2016, Snapchat had 150 million daily active users. (60 million in North America, 50 million in Europe) Every second, 9,000 Snaps are posted, attracting 10 billion daily views.
I've also read that the younger generation (15 - 25 y.o) are abandoning Facebook in droves and heading to other Social media ... like Snapchat.

So i'm just starting to look into Snapchat and open accounts for all my stores. I will keep adding to this thread as I discover more info.

In the meantime .. is there anyone else out there already using Snapchat who would like to share anything?

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Not yet. But now in 2018 snapchat is losing millions of users per month in favor of Instagram.

In fact, Instagram copied a lot of feature of snapchat to the point it's becoming redundant.

Also, many financial analysts predict very bad future for snap that still struggles to generate enough revenue compare to its competitors:

So I don't know if the 15-20 years old is a good target to raise the average purchase basket.

Plus many Snapchat users also use Instagram so there is an overlap.

If I can't generate enough traffic with the main social media then maybe I'll look into snap.
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