Product Description How-to

Hello, I am working on a document to define how Product description should be. I like your comment and ideas on this.
For Each Individual Product Do:

Create an Individual file for each Product

Add the following:

Answer question: what is important to the buyer for this item? What keywords will be used to search for this item?

Write 5 Bullet points (Descriptive and to the Point) in clear and simple language for each Product and put it in the product short description section.

Write Title with 1 keyword in it near the beginning of the Phrase

Write a description of the product with a maximum of 1 keyword
  • Highlight the key features
  • Write unique and distinct copy
  • Tell them in brief what benefits your products
  • Number of Variation in the title if applicable

    Write Meta description with Keyword near the beginning.

The Permalink must contain the keyword. Must be human-readable. Descriptive, Short, Clear and to the point. When Changing the permalink, Don't forget to select the Yoast SEO auto-redirect.

Remove the logo and watermarks from all image

Resize image and thumbnail properly

What do you think?

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Create an Individual file for each Product
What do you think?
I think it would be far more logical to create a template for each category rather than for each product. You'd be writing description twice for each product. Once in the "file" and again in the actual product description. What's the point of that?

I just have a template for each group/category or type of product. Not an individual one for each product. That's just insane.

As for the actual description style and editing you laid out, that's the common way that most sensible people follow.

And don't forget to tell the customer "why" they need the product.