Problems beta social rabbit


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@Yaros @Elena @Victoria Kudryashova

First of all, well done! I really appreciate it that there are some good upgrades for social rabbit.

However, i noticed the following bugs in the beta:

  1. Links to documentation are not working.
  2. I can't make an album in the media gallery.
  3. The FaceBook promotes asks for an additional chrome extension... which is not available.
  4. The planner does not show the {tags function}
  5. Twitter shows: "a few seconds agoImage type error" or file format is not supported.
As for the auto-generate hashtags, do i need to do this individual for every product?


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Thank you for your feedback, Dylan. Do you have skype, so we will be able to add you in our chat of beta testers?
Besides, we shared there the latest versions, where the part of bugs are fixed.