Problem on Instagram Authorize

AJ Complement

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Please see the attached two screen captures. Although Instagram Authorize success, the profile icon is broken and a text line "User not found" shown above it.
Also the login sessions are being kick out from day by day even I manually re-login it under Social Rabbit plugin.
The IG account is working fine on both mobile app and web browser.
I have been observing this issue for a week and so far no email alert on security issue from Instagram requesting me to update phone number or anything to reconfirm the IG account.


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AJ Complement

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I did report this issue to my program manager of my Ultimate package deployment. The problem was diverted to your backend staff and somehow fixed finally but I was not told any details how it was fixed.


I try with two Instagram accounts but can't authorize with social rabbits.
anybody can guide me please.


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I have been trying to authorize Instagram to have access to all tools ,but i cant even though i have changed 3 accounts .Could someone help me please.


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Same here, still have this for 3 months now. it is Instagram, others are alright i guess but this one beats the hell outta me to figure it outgerdsfes.jpg


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Hello! I was facing Socialrabbit instagram autho failure and solved. just want to leave what I did for someone in future having same trouble.
My account had been authorized before and working OK, but I changed my Instagram setting email, password, and add phone, and 2 step autho turn on. and I kicked out from SR Instagram. After that my email or username did not work to be authorized back.
Read Sandip #7 comment and turned off 2 step autho. but still no success. I finally got through with new the phone number to authorize and success.