Prices are WAY off after importing

This is very inconsistant.

I just imported another item, this time making sure the CAD was chosen for my default price on AliExpress. It imported and applied the conversion and the supplier info still shows USD, just like my existing items taht are NOT doing the conversion to CAD.

Earlier I did a price update. I suspect that caused all prices to convert to USD and not keep the CAD.

@Yaros SO The bug is: When doing a price update from the AliDropship price settings, it ignores the chosen currency and converts your store to USD. this is very bad for a shop that has many items.
EDIT: This bug may also apply to the Auto Update tool. Might watn to check that code too. I won't test it now due to my rollback.
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I've had to do a database restore to revert to this morning's prices. This has corrected them but the price update issue really should be addressed. That is potientially a huge store breaker.
Product importing always comes in USD from AliExpress by default.
I understand that. What needs attention is that when a currency is chosen, and you recalculate the price formula it redoes the formula with USD instead of the chosen currency. If I had not had a backup of my database I would have had to redo all my items.

I just think it needs consideration that any price adjustments need to also take into account the exchange.