Premium Store Promotion

Ben Hlebeya

New Member

On Wednesday 08 July 2020, I would be launching my first Facebook ads on my premium store. I have received the Facebook marketing guide I received when purchased the premium store marketing package. I read the Facebook marketing guide many times to make sure I understand the step by step guide.
May you kindly see the below to see whether I got the steps by step guide correctly from the Facebook marketing guide correctly.

So I have summarize all the steps below:

Step 1 - I should download all the videos links on the PDF winning product and targeting.
Step2 - I can save the video ads or creatives 1, 2, 3 on the laptop.
Step3 - Then I must continue upload them on the Facebook Page, Photo/Video.
Step3 - on the title I should name Ad1 or Creative1 or Video Ad1?
Step4 - on the describe the video I should copy the text from creative1 on the PDF winning product and targeting and paste on the describe the video,
Step 5 - what should I write on the tags? Or should I leave it blank?
Step 6 - on the thumbnail I am not sure whether I got the guideline right, as I should make sure no text, inappropriate of any kind except the “Thumbnail”
All the above steps I must apply them on creative2, creative3, and creative5 which is the retargeting campaign. As of creative4 is for the custom audience and lookalike audience?
Again on creative1, creative2, creative3, I should choose the winning ad campaign based on the results after 3 days or a week from launching? Then I should cancel all other poor performing ads and keep the winning ad based on likes, viewers etc. I am not sure if I got this right.

Your response would be much appreciated.