Premium Products Subscription


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Hi there,

I wanted to end the Premium Products Subscription after 28th April 2022. My reason is the product status as a winning product and already tested around $1000 above on Facebook Ad from Alidropship does not workout.

The exact Facebook Ad copy I imported from Premium Products Subscription as per instruction set conversion to purchase, target country the USA and spent a $50 daily budget it was zero sales. Also, does retargeting campaign still have zero conversion?

Moreover, when checking the previous old product Facebook Ad campaign has targeted interest and demographic but, the new upcoming weekly Premium Products does not have any targeted interest and demographic? Do you claim the winning product has already been tested but, without any clues on how to get sales?

Mostly. the expert said doing ABO for testing then CBO for retargeting but your mention straight to CBO campaign. If I get a continued by default 7-day click and 1-view Facebook Ad campaign $50 daily budget for 7 days for nothing get 1 sales product price $30 Sport Waist Bag what ROAS I get? Facebook Ad is nonsense and your test is not coming to the sense that's solved. Play save game sales is up to human behavior!