PREMIUM Automated Clothing Dropshiping Store for Kids with Sales!

PREMIUM Automated Clothing Dropshiping Store for Kids and Baby made 2 sales so far! – Exclusive Three Words Domain – A Highly In Trend TURN KEY STORE worth on market over $3000. 6 mo Full Support!

The website has a Huge Potential due to the professional design and the profitable niche. The design helps you to focus on premium quality products.
Fashion is the best 2019 Trend when it comes to Dropshipping Businesses! Fashion is such a huge niche, so it means that in 2019 you should come with something more catchy and inspirational. YourChildUniverse is an automated website that doesn’t require more than 5 hours per week to run it. is not a regular drop-shipping eCommerce shop. This website contains all the GOALS for a successful business, which will be detailed in the next paraghraphs, so have a look on it!

Everything starts with... a Name

If you were looking for an eye catching, impressive, memorable and easily marketable domain name, YourChildUniverse is the best choice for you! It’s a short word, funny and easy to remember. It induce you the idea of making spectacular outfits , creative looks and an amazing styling with the clothes from your store, which will get you more and more customers day by day!


YourChildUniverse has a huge potential due to the professional design! The friendly interface and the professional display created on Wordpress will gain the attention of a lot of customers. The leads to the final page are very simple, that’s why customers will surf confortably throughout the website pages, right to the checkout! The orders are processed in a couple of clicks and it takes just a few minutes.

It has also a mobile friendly template, very well structured, that offers the same confortable virtual experience for the customers!

Products and delivery

The design helps you to focus on premium quality products. Our store sells only well-designed quality products at competitive prices in order to attract and create a large customer list in our base. The products are divided in different categories which will help the customers in their searching for the best product of their needs. Other more premium products can be easily added. It makes you spend less time, effort and energy! All products are shipped from USA based reliable suppliers with a track record so that you won’t have any issue with delivery or customer’s patience.

Automated Payment Processing

The payments will be received via PayPal. You don’t need to worry about security or transaction issues, because the website is designed to use the most vigorous and reliable gateway on the entire web.

SSL Certificate

As we were talking about security, the website includes a free SSL certificate. All website elements such as pages, content, credit card, and transaction information are protected with a high level of security!

Email Marketing

YourChildUniverse was built also with the idea of Email marketing. First of all it was implemented a subscribe form, which allows customers to fill in their dates such as name and email. This strategy is very useful when it comes to remarketing. Customers who abandoned the cart or who were just one click distance to a purchase will get an automated email which will remind them what they chose to buy and forgot in their bascket, encouraging them to complete their purchase! The email includes also the link to the website, in order to lead them to the final step easier! This kind of strategy has another advantage, such as creating a customers list. A customers list is the key to increase your sales, based on targeted marketing!

Additional features

Moreover in the sale are also included Instagram and Facebook Fashion Pages made especially for your niche. You can ask for a strategy based on Facebook Ads, which helps you increase your revenue!
What is included in the sale?

· 4 MARKETING CAMPAIGNS FOR FACEBOOK : We are going to create a specific step-by-step Marketing Plan for your Business, in order to grow your business very fast and to get sales. You will get all the information you need about the Audience, Text, Placements, Photos and also Full Support from our Team.

· MARKETING CAMPAIGNS FOR INSTAGRAM : In the sale is already included an operational and already established Instagram Page.

· EMAIL MARKETING : With Buy It Now Price the owner gets various Email Marketing Abandoned Carts Automated Emails , Sale Coupon Pop-Up Subscribe Form ( which helps your customers to get the Sale Coupon ) and an Welcome Email after completing the Subscribe Form.

Domain name: - premium domain name worth over $950 based on GoDdaddy worth estimator. ( )

· Premium Design for Mobile and Desktop Devices done by our Development Department

· 6 Months Free Hosting on our dedicated servers

· Facebook And Instagram Pages

· 6 Months Full Support via Facebook/ Skype

· Premium Plugin AliDropship - worth $89

· Premium Theme Flatsome for Woocommerce with License worth $60

· Integrated Payment Gateways for you, ready to accept any payments