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If it was me ... I'd do individual searches on each plugin and read all I could about each one, rather than rely on any vague, generalised opinions I may get here.

Also, they are tools. Keep in mind, some people just aren't smart enough to use certain tools to their full advantage and will blame the tool/plugin.

Example 1: I've seen plenty of useless people complaining that the Alidropship plugin is rubbish, because they can't get any sales. It's not supposed to "magically" make sales. They are supposed to make the sales by choosing a smart niche/products and marketing them intelligently.

Example 2: I think the Social Rabbit plugin is fantastic and when I just let it run and use no other advertising, I still kept getting sales. (Not at the moment as I'm in the middle of rebuilding all my sites) ... but I have seen plenty of others say it's rubbish, it doesn't work etc. But that's because they are inept, don't use common sense and don't read documentation on how to use it correctly. It's not the plugins fault, it's the users fault.

Best to do your own research and take any others opinions with a huge grain of salt ... including mine. I may be talking a load of crap.

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Thanks @Direct Webstore .. Always appreciate your to-the-point responses! I'll admit I was looking for an easy way (aka being lazy) because some of the threads go on and on with irrelevant complaints, people sidetracking/hijacking that it never gets to the point or end story (if that makes sense) ...but you're absolutely right. I think I'll pick the ones that I think may be the best for me and research just those to start.


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@Direct Webstore great response, particularly pointing out that one needs to correctly read the plugin documentation. So, @TheFreedomCollective, I'm at crossroads at the moment considering whether I should go for bundle currently on offer for about $108 or buy individual items. Do I need all the 6 items in the bundle?