Paypal isn't letting me earn money. Please guide me!


And it may not be the same problem...but it was having problems 2 years ago and had to be turned off.

:) ... it meaning paypal or paypal express ?

the biggest issue i can see, comparing to other sites is that the ajax callbacks are not always handled correctly

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it meaning paypal or paypal express ?
Just Paypal Express. The normal Paypal gateway was OK.

ajax callbacks are not always handled correctly
That's another issue I've seen with the Original plugin from time to time over the past couple of years or so. I don't know about recently though, I switched all my sites to Woo for the final time several months ago. (Switched back and forth 3 times in 3 years ... lol)

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How dificult is it ? i might want to migrate to woo as well
You have to start from scratch. That difficult. ;)

The Original plugin and Woocommerce use totally different database tables. You can't migrate anything. (Except non store stuff like users and data from other plugins like newsletters etc). Maybe sometime in the future, someone will develop a migration script or plugin like many forum and other e-commerce platforms have. But those other forum and e-commerce platforms have been around for many, many years. Alidropship is still relatively new.

But I backed up my Original and Woo setups each time so I didn't start from scratch the second time I switched back to either version.

(Except non store stuff like users and data from other plugins like newsletters etc).
I just downloaded the database tables for those, dropped the ones from the new installation, then uploaded them again ... including some bits and pieces from the Options table ... a bit messy, but it worked OK. I Wouldn't recommend it though. Better to start fresh.
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Hi there, I am getting the below error message when clicking PayPal

"We aren't able to process your payment using your PayPal account at this time"

Can anyone help me solve this issue?

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And i thought i am lazy :)
No. It's the people who are dumb enough to think they are "special" and that their problem is "unique" and no one else has ever had the same problem before ... so the thought of doing a simple search never enters their vacuous heads, who are the lazy/stupid ones.

And after almost 3 years of it, it gets a bit tiresome. I really wonder if many of these people have enough imagination and initiative to actually run an online business if the thought of doing a simple search is beyond them. And it has nothing to do with being a "newbie" to Alidropship. We're talking about basic computer/internet use here and doing basic searches for information.

That's why one of the Mods recently posted these notices ...

Which I correctly predicted would be ignored. lol :)
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It is a good idea, It is possible that customers are abandoning their carts because some don't like paypal
Yeah, it's really possible. For the dumb ones. And there's a lot of them out there.

It's much easier for a customer to get a cashback via Paypal than it is from a credit card purchase. That's why, even though I have a credit card, I always use Paypal (If I can) when buying things.

So it's pretty important to be able to process credit cards. Dumb people's money is just as good as smart people's money. lol ;)


It is a good idea, It is possible that customers are abandoning their carts because some don't like paypal
It don't make sense. Why would a customer don't like Paypal when it protect buyers more than any payment gateway? Also, customers don't care about payment gateways as long as they can pay. If they have difficulty paying with Paypal, it is the problem of the site, not Paypal.
You call Paypal Painpal, but it is the only payment gateway you are able to use. In your screenshots you are using Buy One Click, that is Paypal Express. I used it in the past, I have several failed and abandoned orders until I only use Paypal standard. You try disabling Paypal Express, just try, you will lose nothing.
My advice, if you’re interested in help, is leaving the idea to earn with PayPal! It is hard and not very structured. Better use other services. For example, such as Rhino or The first one I’m using every day and I’m very satisfied with it. Related to the second one, it gives a nice opportunity to get money for free and very fast. The best part is that this option is available for everyone and the instructions are given in a very simple way, So leave PayPal and try other alternatives!
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Hello, I have been trying hard to get my head around dropshipping, social media marketing and all. It's been one year that I have failed but I kept on learning new things and when finally my website is able to get to the ideal audience, it is able to pitch the right advertisement, PayPal suddenly decided to become PainPal of my life by not letting any transaction happening. When I was finally about to make some profit after all this hard work they seems to just become a biggest hurdle.

Every time someone tries to purchase an item from my website PayPal declines the transaction by throwing up this message "we’re sorry. this seller doesn’t accept payments in your currency. please return to the seller and choose another way to pay." After going through their multiple stupid useless community forums, platforms and even on there Facebook and Twitter they are not able to solve my problem. Because of this all I have now is abandoned carts.

Just look how painful it is (Courtesy: PainPal)
When I complained them on they just gave me automated replies. A real reply from a real human came only when I rated their automated replies 0. This is what they said:

Wow! This is just mind-blowing, how can I be so stupid? But here's a fact: I DON'T ADVERTISE MY WEBSITE IN INDIA. I advertise my website in USA, UK, Europe and Canada. Consider alternative payment processors such as Stripe as you mentioned or other payment gateways that may be available in your area. This may be a temporary solution while you sort out the PayPal issue. Now I’m researching information about no deposit poland, I recently found free spins no deposit poland for myself. The main thing is that any service has many payment systems. If one collapses, there will be another, or someone may not like something and will easily change everything. Don't give up and continue to insist on solving the problem. But before I could have tell them THEY SIMPLY CLOSED THE CASE WITHOUT MY CONSENT!

The problem still exists. I advertised my website again yesterday just to be double sure that this problem exists. I have gone through every answer written in their forums. I have updated all my documents, I have updated "Block Payments" option. When I tried to contact them on Facebook and Twitter they asked me to go back to When I told them that I have tried this before and they didn't even listen to me, the PayPal's FB agent said that he is sorry and he can't help any further then.

I tried to set up stripe but they don't deal in India yet. I don't know how to solve this issue. It's been two weeks. Please help!
First of all, I suggest you contact PayPal support again. Try to approach the issue in more detail, providing all available information and explaining the situation in detail. Sometimes, persistence can lead to results.
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