PayPal has limited business account


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PayPal limited business account. Has anyone faced this ?

As part of our commitment to providing the best possible experience for buyers and sellers, we perform routine reviews of merchant accounts.

Your account has recently been reviewed by our merchant team due to the following:
- Increase in volumes processed

We tried to call you on , but we couldn't reach you. To allow time to review this in more detail, we've temporarily limited what you can do with your account until you submit the information you need to provide and take the actions listed.

Check that you've answered all questions and provided all information we ask for to restore your account as soon as possible.
Business Model Information:

- Give a projection of the volumes you expect to receive each month for the next 6 months (specify currency).
- Please a a valid return policy to your web-shop. For Polish merchants at least 10 days after receipt of goods, no reasons need to be given.
- Do you post from inventory or drop-ship?
- What percentage of items sold are drop-shipped?/What percentage of items sold are held in stock?   

- Provide tracking numbers/proof of delivery for the following transactions received into your PayPal account:
    - Transaction ID:6G538270AX730081E
    - Transaction ID:3TB500533U941704N
    - Transaction ID:0X181786JU046714M
    - Transaction ID:7E328180YF5170535
    - Transaction ID:6TK94856AY1506447

Has anyone faced it ? Did you tell PayPal that you are dropshipping ?
Haven't seen that but would be interested in seeing if there are any answers. I am sure a lot of people would want to know what to do just in case it happens to them.
There might be something in the knowledge base here? I haven't been through it all yet.


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I really do not know the answer either, I can only assume. Are you from a country that they regularly watch or target for fraud (Malaysia, Eastern Europe, etc...) because I do know they have "bots" checking certain countries activities more than others. Generally they do not bother as much with the UK and US countries (not saying US or UK is safe, depends on what you are doing, there are always triggers)