Payments getting placed on hold?


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Hi i'm about to go live with my site and last step was to set payment gateway and while doing my research i found that stripe does not support dropshipping(I even emailed them and they said no in my country) and paypal will hold funds for 21 days or suspend the account and hold for 180 days. Has this happened to you guys?

When a big order comes in, will they hold the funds as others have said? I'm at the point thinking they don't even allow dropshipping. I don't think its a good move to send the items to the customers using my own cash and than wait for the funds on hold to be released in case the customers want a refund or they make a chargeback?

What payment gateways are you guys using for your dropshipping sites? I don't plan to sell on ebay or amazon etc. Just fb ads, google ads, organic traffic etc etc...

P.s : i don't intent to do any illegal stuffs. Just honest dropshipping from aliexpress etc