Out of stock product + Price update problem


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Hi, @Yaros @Ekaterina Sayapina @Victoria Kudryashova and Ali team.

1) I have remarked a few glitches on many products and sellers items on Aliexpress that cause a problem, not updating our stores stock.

Long story short:

Some sellers don't update their stock accordingly when a product is "out of stock" or "unavailable" (the message below cart button, there is these 2 type of message)

On the source code of the page that Alidropship uses to update stocks, the stock is still showing a positive value number (e.g showing available stocks) like:

window.runParams.totalAvailQuantity=13;window.runParams.memberPrice="";window.runParams.memberPriceActivity="";window.runParams.quantityLimit={isPurchaseLimit: "",unit: 'pieces',quantityNum: '13 ',availQuantityForCustomer: '13'};

It that example above, it shows 13 units available, but on Aliexpress you can't order because the product is marked as unavailable.


So is the same in for my store, showing stocks for an unavailable product I can't sell ;-) And it's really a pain in the butt lol

And I saw this many times with many sellers.

So my question is could you please investigate with the development for future updates to fix this issue so these items in our stores are also be put to draft/ out of stock on our dropshipping stores?

A good idea will be to spot the message below cart, and if the product is marked as "sold out" or "unavailable" even if the stock parameter shows positive value, then the product on our store is marked also as out of stock.

2) there is a price update problem since last Aliwoo update, you can't update the price either manually or automatically when you choose a markup formula.