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Hi, I am selling my Ultimate Package Custom Store. Besides the package products I have bought more Plug-ins, addons and services for my store.
I also have Facebook, Pinterest and instagram pages along with a youtube channel with a collection of posts and videos.
The store is about +2 months old and a lot of efforts and time has gone into building the store's brand awareness, SEO and good social media follow for this store.
The store is now ready for sales however, due to a recent responsibility i have to take up; I am unable to dedicate the needed time to grow the store and I am sad about that. That's why I am putting the store up for sale. The Plug-ins, add-ons and services are what you inherit along when you buy my store

> more than 200 Imported products from SELLVIA. All with Google approved customized description. I have done the work of customizing the titles & descriptions of all products
>AliDropship Plugin
>Customer's Gallery
>Bulk discount plugin
>Promo banner
>Gift item plugin
>Coupon code generator
>Abandoned Cart
>Review page
>Gutenberg builder template
>SEO image optimer
>Social Rabbit
>Facebook Business with setup Done
>Facebook Business Catalog
>GA Enhanced E-Commerce
>Lead Generation Pop-Up
>Facebook Page with 100+Likes
>Instagram with 700+ followers
>Youtube channel
>Pinterest page
>you will also get a folder for editable content you can use for blog and social media posts
>Product Promo videos

It's a newly built store and I haven't had time to dedicate to marketing for sales yet, but as I said much of my focus has been on brand awareness promotion, social media proof, SEO, mproving the store. I have invested a total of $2500 in terms of the store setup and plug-in costs. I will sell the store at a reasonable highest offer of $3500. You're all good to advertise the products and make sales. All you need is time!


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Man, don't you feel sorry to sell it? I mean, you put so much effort into it, and now you just want to sell it? Has anyone inquired about it? I would like to have an online pet store, but I don't want to buy an already existing store. I want to start my own store and make it as I want. I have a lot of pets. I got them after registering on I needed a pet for emotional support really much as I suffered from the post-traumatic disorder.
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