One of the instructions in the alidropship knowledge base is incorrect or out of date

Hi there - I'm not trying to cause problems for the people that put this together, but I was just working through the Knowledgebase articles, and tried working through this one - Customizing the Shopper theme (Woo).

I got about 15% of the way in, and then tried to do this - To tell WooCommerce what pages to use for Cart and Checkout go to WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout.

And I discovered that the page/window that the instruction shows is different than what you get. I can't even find the page they show. It sure doesn't come up when you hit Woocommerce>Settings>Checkout

Again, I'm sorry if I just insulted someone, but if it is wrong, someone needs to say something about it. And, maybe I'm wrong but this is how it is for me as I'm working through this.

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Did you read this at the very top?

"If default WooCommerce pages weren’t created for some reasons ....."

Every time I have installed Woo... it automatically creates all it's needed pages. Are you saying that it didn't and now you are trying to create them?
Hi there - I have a pile of pages available. I went to the article to see if I could improve my store/theme. I am using shopper, and thought I could work through it to see if I could improve my look, etc.