[NOT VALID]Store for sell related to dog apparel and accessories


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Hi, folks. I'm looking to sell my store. It's a store I built, but never actually did any further work. So it's been just sitting there for a few years. It's a fully completed store, but I don't think I will spend any time developing it as I didn't spend any so far.

The website is specialized in dog accessories/clothes.
- 500+ products (but some out of stock, because it's not being maintained)
- Unique custom logo with exclusive rights, great for branding and marketing
- Alidropship standalone plugin
- Abandoned Cart AliDropship Plugin
- Countdown AliDropship Plugin
- Recent Sales Pop-Up AliDropship Plugin
- UpSell AliDropship Plugin
- GA Enhanced eCommerce
- Shipping Product Aliexpress
- Social Rabbit
- Facebook and Instagram pages

It's a 3-years old domain, so it can rank easier. It has done a few sales through the years. But it needs somebody to develop it further.

It's up and running, so I'm just looking for somebody who has the time to spend to make it great. Message me if you need any details.
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