New Social Media Strategy Needed?

Hi there, I've had my drop-shipping store, The Love of Bags, set up for about 3 months. I started promoting it initially on FB in early August. I had about half a dozen orders in the first 6 weeks and then literally nothing. I have just over 200 items in the store, including other women's accessories. I have Yoast SEO installed and also the site has been optimised for better page loading due to the number / size of images.
I've spent about £300 on FB ads/boosts and ended up with over 1500 subscribers, as well as a healthy following on Instagram. I am targeting the right audience, but not getting the sales. I haven't started a blog yet but believe that will help SEO and drive more traffic to my site, as at the moment I mostly get referrals from FB and IG. I'm not on Twitter or Pinterest yet.
Quite frankly I am to the point where this seems a waste of money. I love my store and have had loads of compliments from family, friends, followers, but not the sales to match. Does anyone have any clue as to how to make this better please?
I have't done any IG shout-outs as I don't see how that will help me any more than FB boosts. The FB and IG algorithms are against me as I don't automatically show up in my followers' news feeds. I only get FB engagement when I pay to boost a post!!
Any ideas would be most welcome as I don't feel inclined to spend more money on this.
Many thanks!