Need suggestions for newsletter pop-up plugin


A pre-made newsletter pop-up plugin from wordpress (like WP Optin Wheel) or a custom-made? What really goes well?

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My opinion? Don't use popups. Do you like them? I hate them and so do customers ... and so does Google when they are used on mobile. They will penalise your site with lower ranking. Also, 43% of sales are via mobile now, and it's increasing. Often, when I get smacked in the face with an annoying popup ... I leave. So do many others.

But if you insist ... at least use an "Exit Popup" that fires just before they leave your site ... not one that's in their face as soon as they land on your site. There's heaps of exit popups to choose from. I'd make a custom image for it offering a discount coupon.

I use banners in the sidebar instead, offering a 10% discount if they subscribe.

Actually, anything I hate as a customer/visitor when I visit other sites ... I don't have on my sites.