Need Feedback for my Webstore

Hi guys, I'm new to this whole dropshipping thing and I need some advice for I am yet to see a single sale.

I purchased a Basic custom store and was finished last week. I only have 80 products published at the moment and that's what I'm focusing right now but it's proved quite challenging when you have 3 kids to look after at home, lol. And I don't have the finances to purchase the Ultimate package or order data entry for $2 per item.

Any piece of advice from the experts would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance guys!




I have Twitter and Pinterest but haven't focused much on them yet.




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I believe that it’s better not to post your URL on forums like this one. A potential buyer that will run a check will most probably come across your post and will figure out what exactly you are doing (selling aliexpress items). Same goes to your Facebook/ instagram etc. pages. Try removing those from your post. Good luck!