Need advice: Training an employee

Hey everyone,

I've been contemplating whether to get a subscription or an e-learning type of training for my employees. I'm confident that they will love it since we all are learning on the fly with everything. I was thinking of investing in an LMS (an LMS is basically e-learning platform) to check their progress and be able to train them more consistently. But this entails more $$$. Is anyone using one? Is it worth it?


I'm not using one but I've had experience before with our training and it's really a great platform to connect and get everyone in sync.


That is a great idea. However, I can't recommend any program since I have never used one. When I came to work for this firm, I remember that I was supposed to follow some challenges. I later found out it was a project management simulations and that the challenges were actually simulators. However, I can admit that it helped me. I learned about responsibility and sustainability. Every lost challenge brought me closer to success. That's why I know your employees will love some training too.
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If you are looking for a cheaper way to educate your employees I would suggest you buy an online course and after that share this course with other your workers, so you will save a good amount of money, but keep in mind that online courses didn't replace live training and lessons. So at your place I would call some teachers from good colleges like asa Miami college and pay them for life lessons during your employees' training with online courses you bought, it will be the most efficient way in my opinion. Anyway, you decide what to do in this situation, have good luck!


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Before making a decision, it's essential to assess your specific training needs and budgetary constraints. Consider reaching out to different training providers for consultations or demos to explore the options available.


Opting for an e-learning platform equipped with a Learning Management System (LMS) offers distinct advantages. With an LMS, you can closely monitor progress, ensure consistency in training, and tailor learning paths to individual needs.
While investing in such a platform may require a higher initial investment, the potential long-term benefits make it a worthwhile consideration. There is a training provider in malaysia that specializes in customizable e-learning solutions. These platforms offer a diverse range of courses, from technical skills to soft skills, catering to various learning preferences within your team.