Most Profitable Product Analizer

Hello Alidropship Devs:

I was thinking that would be nice to have a feature that allow us to know the Top 10 Most Profitable Products. The workflow would be something like this:

1) You import 150 products to the store, the prices are set manually or automatically with the "Pricing Markup Formula"
2) You choose a shipping method: Free Shipping for example.
3) You choose a category or the whole store.
4) You choose the number of results you want to get: 10 for example
5) You choose if you want the best or worst.
6) You click the button: "Calculate Ranking".

The software can show you some nice insights like:
  • The TOP 10 Most Profitable Products on Clothing Category with Free Shipping.
  • The TOP 5 Less Profitable Products on Electronics with Aliexpress Standart Shipping.
With this info you can easy know which products deserves to get more energy and budget on marketing campaigns and which not.

Isn't it cool?