Mom, baby to teen store for sale.


New Member for sale.
I have put a tonne of time into this store. Will finish editing the cringe worthy product descriptions to be better sounding and include branding.

Sellvia subscription, Facebook Business, social rabbit, Google merchant, Google analytics, SEO image optimizer, facebook and IG with ads already generating engagement with catalog and pixel installed, sales banner ad on, recent sales pop up, twitter and Pinterest set up but not yet utilized very much, and 129 products with option to add 70 more.
I've put a lot of time and money into getting set up but I simply don't have the time to run it. I had obviously unrealistic expectations as to how much time buying a premium store would take to run . I am in school and managing assignments and getting the store running are just too much.
All someone really needs to do is take it over and make it fly. Some branding is already done.
Open to reasonable offers.