Mentor... you never know.


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I'm a believer in if you don't ask you don't get, so here I am asking if there are any long term site holders that would be interested in mentoring me at all?

I'm a quick learner, willing to listen to any and all advice and prepared to put the maximum effort and time into building my site.

I purchased a premium copy then tailored it to suit myself, but am literally learning every step with the help of this forum and google. I've already made some whopping mistakes and found the hard way that the time required to correct them is almost overwhelming.

My site has been running just for 2 weeks - with around $150 worth of sales. I've not created a niche yet - I've sort of thrown lots of product at it thinking I can see what folks are looking at and niche based on demand.

I've a very long career in sales behind me - but in person so this online stuff is all new.

If you think you'd like to lend a hand on a more personal level, please do get in touch!