Math & Traffic

I was doing some math..
Let's say I want to make $1000 per month with my store.

If I make $5 per product with a 2% conversion, I need 10,000 visitors on my store.
Conversion 2% of 10,000 = 200 buyers
200 * $5 = $1000

So, we need traffic and serious marketing strategies, not just Facebook and Instagram approach with socialrabbit or others.
What do you think about this numbers and everything?

I am going for paid advertising using FB, IG and Adwords, just waiting my budget be available.
There are peoples doing 6000$ & + with only Social Rabbit + IG shootout , don't underestimate the Social Traffic , Also it would be nice if you mix it with some paid PPc campaigns . Good luck .
Sure, I don't underestimate the social traffic, it's very important even high priority.
My main point here is the necessary amount of audience we need to generate and how to do it.
So, people can apply the math (of course you can adjust it) to understand how to generate $6000 with social rabbit, to understand how big needs to be the audience.