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Haven't promoted my store since building it so I'm wondering if someone could advise me on the least cost advertising to get me started with promoting my products. CPC on Google? Facebook paid ads? What would give me to most bang for the investment. I've read some issues where people click on a google ad but you get no results and it cost you money. Be nice. I'm new at marketing my site. Thank you in advance.
Thank you for your input. I do have a FB page and did a boost during the holidays. Got a lot of engagements but not sales. I was told I need to actually advertise. And advertising on FB is what I was thinking over Google. About a group around my niche, that's a great idea. I'll explore this. Again. Thank you.
LOL. Yes. I'm beginning to learn that. I'll need to build an advertising budget least I spin my wheels and go no where. Thank you for the input.

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Don't laugh. I sell all things #######
In that case, just a small giggle then. ;)

But you really should not mention your niche here or post a link to your site. Especially a relatively unique one like yours (well done).
Too many unimaginative people around who will copy you.

I would Delete/Edit if I was you. ( I edited out the mention in the quote above).

And do you realise that your domain name is misspelled? The last five letters of that word are " .....tures". Not "..... tuers".
It's not a very good look. Pretty unprofessional. I'd get another domain name if I was you.

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