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Quickly build crazy effective landing pages that convert your visitors into paying customers and make every product sell. With minimum effort, for maximum profit.

Landing page is a standalone conversion-centric page your prospects arrive at after they click your ad (in an email, social post, search ad, etc.) or a search result. It features one product and has one call-to-action that leads to a purchase.

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The Landing Pages add-on should be your go-to solution if you want to:
  • Generate more conversions
  • Supercharge your marketing campaigns
  • Promote products and run special offers more efficiently
  • Make new product launches a runaway success
  • Test different product ideas
  • Increase customer engagement and provide a better shopping experience
  • Slash customer acquisition cost
  • Build a strong brand
  • Tailor content to different client segments

How it works:

To put is simply, to create a high-converting landing page, you need to choose a product your landing page will be linked to and edit the demo content offered in the pre-made template to fit your needs. That's it!
The add-on offers one pre-made winning template that makes people want to buy from you (new templates will be added regularly, the next one is expected in November). You can take advantage of the convincing time-saving demo content to quickly build a landing page the right way.

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We’ve been thoroughly testing the add-on on our own websites for months and are happy to say it delivered stunning results and helped us see unprecedented growth!
The template is an article-style sales funnel that offers a simplified and uninterrupted purchasing flow. It consists of two pages:
  • On the first page, there’s an engaging story that comes up with an effective solution to the problem visitors might experience and help them make an informed decision. The page is packed with elements designed to motivate to go further: multiple attention-grabbing banners, call-to-action buttons, solid social proof and a countdown timer. Here’s where you can build interest, address needs and potential worries and drive home your value proposition.
  • So, you’ve already managed to catch your prospects’ attention and convince them that your product is the best solution to their problem. Now you need to show them to purchase from your store. The second page features the product you’ve chosen in your add-on’s settings. Apart from essential elements like an image gallery and variations, your visitors will see the special bulk discount section and more trust-inspiring product reviews.


Intuitive drag-and-drop frontend builder you can customize your page with. The tool is a pure joy to use: add, edit, move, and delete content elements on the fly, and our builder will handle the technical stuff. You’ll see the end result of your work and how your landing page will look once it’s published without leaving the builder;

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Customizable content elements easy to tailor to your needs. Add and edit paragraphs, visuals, lists, buttons, countdown timers, comments, and more to make the page look and act the exact way you want.
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On the Product page, the Landing Page add-on integrates with the Bulk Discounts add-on for even more impressive performance. With this powerful tool, you can make every product a can’t-miss offer and increase the average order value featuring volume discounts on your product page. Once your Landing Pages subscription is activated, you’ll get the Bulk Discounts add-on for FREE!
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Two effective exit-intent pop-ups that convert your bouncing traffic. The add-on detects when someone is about to leave the page and shows a pop-up window that restates your value propositions and gives your abandoning visitors another reason to stay on the page.

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The Landing Page add-on is a subscription service for AliDropship original plugin. For US $27/mo, you'll get:
  • the pre-made template (new templates will be added regularly, the next one is expected in November)
  • the drag-and-drop frontend builder
  • the Bulk Discounts add-on
You are very welcome to let us know what you think about the add-on and requests new templates and features.

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US $27.00/mo​
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