Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform courses similar to Adrian Cantrill’s AWS classes


Can somebody suggest courses which are as high quality & structured as Adrian Cantril’s AWS classes for kubernetes, docker, Kafka, terraform?

My objective really isn’t certification of Learn Kubernetes, but a solid understanding of these concepts and I am willing to pay for these rather than click on search links or YouTube links which invariably ends up sending me down the rabbit hole.

ps: my apologies for spelling Adrian's last name wrongly in the topic.
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It's good that you're ready to invest in your knowledge and skills, rather than getting lost in the maze of search results or YouTube videos.


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I get what you mean about wanting high-quality courses that provide a solid understanding of these technologies. I've heard good things about Udemy, Pluralsight, and Linux Academy (now A Cloud Guru) as platforms that offer comprehensive Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, and Kafka courses. They might be worth exploring to see if they align with your learning goals.
And by the way, speaking of tech, I recently stumbled upon AI Cloud to Cloud Backup at https://loopbackup.com/, which has been a real game-changer for me in terms of data security and convenience.
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