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Hey guys!

Not finding any Discord Servers for AliDropship, I took initiative and created one!

Discord is a professional tool for rapid communication with ability to send files, make calls, have dedicated discussion channels for everyone to participate in at the same time. Discord comes as desktop, browser and mobile app and lets you stay in touch everywhere you go.

Click this link to join --> JOIN ALIDROPSHIP DISCORD

(you can either download desktop app, use browser version or use mobile app)

"Discord offers a beautiful Slack-like interface with rich-text support including images, GIFs, videos, and files. Moreover, the software is as easy to setup and use as any other VoIP app in the market, and if you’ve used Slack, then you’ll find yourself at home."

This is how it looks right now, but there will be more channels in the future:

Discord has both advantages and disadvantages compared to Forum. The strong side of this Forum is that there is tremendous history log and great topic Q&A separation. However Forum lacks in response speed, file handling and notification agility. Being an app, Discord is great in providing ability to have an instantaneous response to your question in any channel from people that have experienced the same problem or concern.

I think both of these tools should be in use, so I invite everyone to join our AliDropship Discord server and let's start chatting!

PS Note for AliDs officials - I'm perfectly fine with providing you administrative proviliges for this Server.


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Hi, does this server still work? Because the invite link is invalid…
I had just discovered Discord as a platform for me because I didn’t use it before and thought that it was something for games and streamers only. But it turns out that it is very convenient for any group of people. Our company actively uses it to communicate and discuss general goals or problems.
I have even been a moderator of one of the servers once. The thing I liked the most was discord bots because they make a moderator’s job so much easier. I used several of them all at once, which was so nice.