1. EccentricMax

    Join Discord AliDropship Community!

    Hey guys! Not finding any Discord Servers for AliDropship, I took initiative and created one! Discord is a professional tool for rapid communication with ability to send files, make calls, have dedicated discussion channels for everyone to participate in at the same time. Discord comes as...
  2. Mr.sqn

    I'm Just a Student :v

    Hello everyone, Do you think I can make a side business with dropshipping?? :v, I've tried blogging and other way to make a profit online but no good, Now I've found this dropshipping method but I don't have any knowledge about the market so should I go for it?
  3. J

    Dropshipping journey from Borneo Island

    Hi, everyone.. These thread is meant for my new venture in dropshipping. Existing I have a shop selling furniture, business not doing well nowadays especially retail. Trying to get a new solution and do what interest me. Intro: I'm using Alidropship plugin (not Woo), I buy it through affiliate...
  4. R

    Let me share my journey

    Hi everyone, Allow me to also share my dropship journey to the community. First of all, let me thank Elena and her team for a wonderful job in setting up my store. Her team started working on my site late October. I "officially launched" my store last 13 November. This is when I shared my...
  5. D

    Some Basic Questions

    i am newbie and I have bought the plugin 1) is this plugin is monthly subscription based ? you have wrote it Free Updates & Support update in feature 2) i have paid some 76$ will u again detect money from my account ? 3) is it legal to get the product like that way aliexpress do 4) when I do put...