Issues with Phantom Tracking - Now it's a real problem

Real Residual

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I have reported the issue a while ago on getting weird phantom tracking numbers for my orders and it was never fixed.

For those who don't know, when you retrieve tracking numbers from Aliexpress, sometimes on orders that you haven't placed, ie no Aliexpress Order Number present, you still get tracking numbers, and in some cases, as soon as the customer places orders on your site, and included in their first order confirmation email!

It is an issue, but so far we just told our customers to relax, there is a system error and disregard the tracking number. Not a perfect solution, hopefully, this thread will push our dear developers on Alidropship to fix it.

However, in the past week, we got 3 threatening emails from customers calling us scammers and thieves, due to the fact that phantom trackings are appearing on orders with refunded, canceled, failed, and pending payment statuses :eek:

And to make matters worse, once these tracking numbers appear, Order Shipped Notification is sent... So we get customers threatening to sue us or call their credit card company and file disputes... We are already spread thin with customer support, we really do not need extra work. Would you guys look into it? At least add a check to stop order notification emails being sent if the status is in failed, canceled, pending payment, or refunded?

Please help.