Issues with Ioncube or need help setting up big shout out to Algimir @ Fiverr


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I have used hundreds if not more freelancers in my time but is by far the best - worked non stop to get my website up without any issues working in the background - have to give a recommendation along with a big tip and if any newbs to wordpress get stuck hope it helps :)
Propaply is your profile ... your first post here and you promote your work without one simple value in this community.

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lol I must be banned?! OK weirdo

was just posting a helpful recommendation didn't know we had the mentally inept in here


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helpful recommendation
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didn't know we had the mentally inept in here
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OK weirdo
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If the people want help they can go to the this website for they ask for ..(one profession and with good feedback )

Or I can offer my services for free if I want to breaking your bussiness ..LOL