Issue with variations not changing the main image of product


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Recently I found an issue when clicking on different variations of a product the main picture won't change. This issue occured some time ago and was fixed. But it seems it is back again (atleast for me). If I hover over the main image, the zoom will show correct image.

I was investigating this and if I manually set the image for variations, the image will change in the main box. Seems like it is issue related to AliDropship wrongly setting the variation image.

Anyone experiencing this or could help me with this issue?

Thanks in advance.
I do have the same problem at the product page. The main product image doesn't change when a variation image is selected.
I'm using:

Wordpress Version 5.5.1
Woocommerce Version 4.5.2
AliDropship Woo Version 1.6.10
DavinciWoo Theme Version: 1.2.7

I temporarily switched to the Storefront Theme (Version: 2.7.0) where everything works like expected: whenever a product variation image is selected, the main image changes according to the selection. So I can definitely verify that it's a DavinciWoo Theme issue.

Any advice on how to fix this?
Thank you!