Is this possible? Virtual Assistant Chrome Plugin Access

I need to get some time back and orders are coming in. So I need help, I'm lucky my partner is going to start to help me but let's ignore that I know her and maybe have a discussion around virtual assistants and how it can work to automate say the ordering part.

Wordpress Login- full admin needs creating, ok can do with a short contract about respecting the privacy of the customers data..or could orders get emailed when made? Still we need to make notes in the backend so I feel full access is needed. It is going to take quite a lot of trust. Is there a lesser access so they can just do order type stuff and not touch website settings?

Ok Alidropship plugin- can it work on other browsers as the domain will be the same just a different user. I think I will create a separate aliexpress user.
Payment could be saved to aliexpress. I guess they are as secure as anyone to hold card details. Or provide card details to virtual assistant.

If anyone knows how it goes and has some things not thought about let me know.