Is there any Wholesale Aliexpress sellers for Consumer electronics?


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Hello, I want a Aliexpress seller who will sell consumer electronic products with wholesale price. Now I have listed more than 150 products on my store but their prices are too high (means to say, actual price of product is $153 and aliexpress seller selling it by $188 and with my pricing markup it became $220 ). If prices are too high then who will buy products from us.

Is there any solution for this? If there, please tell me how to overcome from this problem. Any dropshipping experts please contact me I

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You really need to buy and import in bulk from Alibaba to achieve that. And ship the orders yourself. Aliexpress is simply not a wholesale platform. Alibaba, it's parent company is.

And it's pretty much accepted that drop shipping electronics from China is not a good idea, for the reasons you stated already and for other reasons concerning quality. You simply cannot compete. You need to do more research into niche selection.

Is there any solution for this?
1. Forget drop shipping and order/import in bulk and ship orders yourself.
2. Do proper research and select another niche.

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New Member is the wholesale platform that can meet your needs, there are many suppliers on this website, you can search for the electronic products directly, And you can also find your wanted sources on other wholesale platforms, like many Chinese wholesale websites,