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I am selling 3 store packages from the 20 drop shipping stores I own at the prices indicated in the following niches (select one or more that interests you):

  • $390 General Store
  • $390 Teeth/Gum/Dental Care
  • $390 Toys
  • $390 Watches
  • $390 Pets

I also have three other options that you can select if you do not need a full package deal. Please see details found near the bottom of this page to select one that may fit your needs.

Generally, these include:

  • $290 Store Only w/ 1-year hosting
  • $100 Training Only (Lifetime Access)
  • $100 Progressive Web Mobile App Package


I have agreed to join in a partnership via a JV to start a new major e-commerce operation that will be based in Florida, USA, with operations in China (warehousing) and the Philippines (support). I am also transitioning from Dubai to Florida for my own business operations.

These stores I am selling are in the mid to final stages of development, have a lot of upside potential as they are all good niches. Each will do well with some focused effort by the buyers on increasing sales and traffic through marketing, especially over the coming 2 month holiday season.

Because I will not have the time to dedicate to these stores with the move and new project, I have decided to down-size, develop the remaining early stage stores as possible and market heavily the late stage stores over the coming holidays and thereafter.

A minimal effort will be required to further improve each store, work marketing angles, and realize sales and profits in this busiest time of the year. Now is the time to invest in your business, and these packages offer you a good chance to have success fast.

Now let’s look at the offer…


- Domains (General)

Two are …, two are …dot .com(s), and one is a … based domain. Despite what you may hear from many people, having a Top Level Domain (.com) is NOT an absolute requirement/must. Having a TLD name is desired by many because of the thoughts that .com is the ONLY possible credible solution, but I have experienced success and sales with all three.

- Hosting

All of these come with a free year of hosting with solid providers.

- Themes

Four of the sites are using ADS themes and one is using a premium WOO-based theme (e-Store from T-Grill). Good looking sites that keep the focus on the key selling points for shoppers…

- Plugins

Each store comes with a set of plugins that are necessary for normal operations. Each has premium plugins (various depending on the store), and all use the ADS main plugin.

- Social Accounts

There are social accounts including a Facebook Business Page, an Instagram account, a Pinterest account, a YouTube channel, and a Twitter account.

- Additional Support

To give the buyers the best chance at realizing success in the least amount of time, I am adding a lot of useful training and materials, tools, and services to the package. These things alone are worth the price for each store package and then some. Let's go through them...


I. Lifetime Access/Membership to my paid e-Commerce Unleashed Training Platform/
Training Courses Materials:

Buyers will get access to the following training materials (plus more) that are within or scheduled/drip-fed as part of their store package:

(1) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is not dead and is an area of operation that needs attention by every store owner/website administrator. If you pay attention to the details as you build your stores, you will get more organic traffic.

This is desirable for a number of reasons:
  • Site visitors will have a better user experience (UX)
  • Search engines will send more traffic to you for free (always a good thing), and
  • You will be more organized as a business owner

(2) Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Drop Shipping
  • Video Marketing
  • New Age Marketing

(3) Paid Ads

These courses will help you understand how each works and how best to plan for and execute ad campaigns.
  • Pinterest
  • Bing
  • Google
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

(4) Messenger Bots.

Dave: "Bots are the future of marketing. Believe this and act accordingly! This course will get you started, and I have some other material that will help you get started for free using Many Chat or a similar service. As a marketer, you need to get up to speed and start using this excellent channel for traffic, support, and sales for your stores."

(5) Social Platforms

Dave: "Knowing how to leverage the main social platforms that you as a store owner should focus on is vital to lowering your acquisition cost per customer."

Even if you think you already know what there is to know, there are likely tidbits of information that will help.

Training covers:
  • Facebook Groups and Pages
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

II. Private Facebook Group

In the group, you will find free training materials, tools, periodic live sessions that you can participate in or view later when you have time, and like-minded people. Online marketing can be a lonely undertaking, as you often work by yourself from a desk and laptop.

This group is intended to provide a watering hole of sorts for you, a nurturing environment where you have someone to share your frustrations with, get solutions to problems, and generally share the journey with others. You should not and do not have to do all this on your own.

III. Progressive Web Mobile App

Dave: "This alone has a value of $400. That is what I charge regular price for one such app. It comes with more than the app too. You can use this on your store to allow customers to load the app onto their mobile phone without going through the iTunes or Google Play app store."

I will provide additional materials and a login access username and password for the app website I have and you can manage your own app dashboard. This means you can schedule push notifications (appear automatically on the user’s phone, and have a great open rate)…


To get more details for any of these stores, or if you are interested in the other packages (membership site, Facebook Private Group, or the Progressive Mobile App Service) outside of the stores, please PM me for details.

First come first served, do not miss out on the chance to get a store that is in mid to late-stage development that can be tweaked and make you some good cash over the next three months short term, and long-term can provide you with a good regular income.


There are four options with this offer:

  • Store package at $390. This gives you the store and hosting, the training, the Facebook group, the progressive web mobile app, and other tools mentioned above.

  • Training Only for $100. If you are interested in the training and Facebook Group only I can provide for a one-time fee of $100, which offers true value for what you are getting (limited to 100 people). This is a lifetime offer, and new training will be accessible to you going forward. This is also offered at a significant discount to normal prices ($130 for lifetime access (1-pay)/$150 for lifetime access (3-pay) /$20 per month).

  • Store Only for $290. If you want a store only, with 1-year hosting and plugins, I can offer it at $290. This will not include any extraordinary support as with the package, but if you do not need these additional tools and services, this package may be for you.

  • Progressive Web App Only for $100. If you already have a store and do not need the training or another store, you can still purchase a mobile app that can be uploaded directly on your store by customers without going through the app stores (Google Play and iTunes).


Send me a PM with the niche store package/training package/store/Mobile App Service you are interested in, add any questions you may have, and get started today!

Thanks and I look forward to working with action-takers!

Dave : )
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Hi, Everyone...The three stores have been sold. I will create another thread here when I may have more for sale. The same applies to the other services I have mentioned in this post. For the moment, I will close them until I get resettled in my new location and set up for more business. Thanks!
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