I am a newbie and I want the most highly converting original alidropship plugin theme for my site which is being created

The most highly converting original alidropship

As another newbie who purchased the original Alidropship plugin, I would advise you to consider your options carefully because it's virtually impossible to change your selection once it's made (without having to rebuild a whole new store).

To be specific, don't completely rule out purchasing the Alidropship Woo (WooCommerice) plugin.

While both plugins have their pros & cons, the WooCommerce plugin at least gives you more flexibility with customizing the theme, pricing schemes, page content, etc. if you want to sell a lot of items from sources not named Aliexpress / Sellvia.

The original Alidropship plugin, meanwhile, is extremely rigid in its functionality which makes it difficult to manage products and their pricing on an intimate level (at least not without a ton of manual work and creativity). While it does technically allow you to sell non-Aliexpress / Sellvia items, I get the feeling that it was built with the intention to only funnel Aliexpress / Sellvia items to customers given how user-unfriendly it is to outside products.

On the flip side, the greater customization ability with the WooCommerce plugin also requires more advanced website development skills. The original Alidropship plugin tends to be more turn key for someone who's new to managing a website.

So as I said, please think long and hard before making a decision on which plugin to go with, to decide which one would best fit your goals.
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this is so useful, thank you a lot! I was looking for the same thing, and sometimes, being a newbie at this becomes scary :)