How to Post Facebook and Instagram ads

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I am new in this biz and also got no experience on social media marketing can any please help with instructions on how to post ads for my store on Facebook and Instagram, i sure know that google is there, i have tried google but still got stuck, i know most of you guys having been doing this for years i need to cross that very first bridge without messing things up,. I have all the necessary files (videos + descriptions) of products that i want to advertise


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Requirement: You MUST have a Facebook page

Method 1: Using Facebook Business
Create or connect your account on
On the top right, there is a Gear Icon to set up every basic things on your FB Business account like billing, information, admins,...

After that click on the "3 dash" Business Setting icon on the top left, you can create ads from the "Ads Manager"

You can create your ads directly inside there, or you can create your post in "Page Post" section. And after that, copy that post's ID and paste in at "Ads" section during your ads creation in "Ads Manager"

Method 2: Using Facebook Page's Ads section
After you create your Facebook page, there is an Ad section, it works the same as in FB Business
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