How to Manage Multiple Facebook/Amazon Accounts?


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Due to the current fierce competition on e-commerce platforms, we may need to manage multiple stores and accounts on Facebook, Amazon, eBay, and some other platforms to increase our sales and profits. But as we know that most of these platforms have stuck to its policy of allowing just one account per user.

Facebook Community Standards clearly forbid multiple personal profiles. A personal profile on the social network is for non-commercial use, to be used by a real individual.

If someone reports one of your profiles as suspicious or if there are other red flags, Facebook may block you out of that profile and ask for proof of your identity. If found to be “inauthentic,” administrators can shut it down permanently.

Similar to Facebook, the same person can only register a seller’s account on Amazon, and cannot operate or maintain multiple Amazon seller accounts. There is a policy of Amazon: the reason for closing one of your accounts is that the current account is associated to a closed account. If multiple Amazon accounts are associated, amazon will require you to delete all the listings of one of the accounts with force. If you don’t do so, Amazon may close both of your accounts.

To sum up, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Paypal and most of the e-commerce websites mainly trace users’ accounts from the following aspects:

1.Email address
2.login username
3.login password
4.The IP address of the user
5.Browsers and browser fingerprints
6.Computer operating system
7.Cookie stored on your computer, including text and Flash Cookie.

So if we want to manage multiple Facebook or Amazon accounts, we need to avoid association to reduce the risk. In addition to using different email address, usernames and passwords, it is more important to switch between different IPs and devices to prevent key information such as browser fingerprints from being tracked.

The best way to prevent browser fingerprinting is to use an antidetect browser with different proxies, which is able to conceal your browser fingerprints as much as possible, so as to successfully manage multiple accounts. There are many antidetect browsers in the market, such as Multilogin, AdsPower, Linkin Sphere, VMLogin, etc. In terms of price, AdsPower and VMLogin are the most affordable. You can try each of these tools for comparison before making your decision.