Freight forwarding has been a well-known concept for years received immense demand in recent years. As the world globalized at a quick speed, international trade has received a massive demand. Due to this, fraudulent activities have also shown an enormous increase. Dubai has become a hub for businesses to transport their goods. It is becoming challenging for the customers to find out genuine freight forwarding company in Dubai. Not just companies, it is a necessity for ordinary individuals as well. Finding reliable and authentic logistics solutions is now a big task for all. Here we will help you to identify the fraudsters before you hand over your precious goods to them.

Top things fraudulent freight forwarders do scam you

Using the Bill of Lading to threaten

Bill of Lading or BOL is a crucial document that serves the purpose of a receipt for the customer. Without which you cannot get your goods delivered. Generally, the scam freight forwarders in Dubai fool you into delivering your goods quickly at the lowest rates. When the goods are packed and shipped to the port, you will receive an email to pay some additional charge for several reasons to receive your shipment instead of the Bill of Lading. Without spending that, you won’t be allowed to receive the goods.

Stealing Cargo

In most cases, the goal of these fraudsters is to steal your goods. They lure the customers with attractive prices and discounts intending to steal your goods. Once you hand them your goods, you won’t be able to get the shipment status. Without a Bill of Lading or any other legal receipt, it won’t be possible for you to claim the goods back. freight forwarding company in Dubai, like SLR shipping services, provides complete documentation and tracking facility for their customers to offer genuine and reliable solutions.

Bank details update

The enormous possibility of getting into a scam by freight forwarders is updating bank details for goods. Fraudulent freight forwarders in Dubai will ask you through email to transfer the other charges to the new account. This happens mainly in the cases when the company is a fraud or the email of your freight forwarders has been hacked. In both cases, you need to be aware before updating your bank details with the freight forwarding company in Dubai.

Hidden Charges

Most fraudulent logistics companies lure their customers by offering cheap rates. At the time of negotiations, customers believe that there are gaining profit by choosing the company. However, at the time of the Bill of Lading, hidden charges were added to their budget. Without paying this, the customers won’t access their shipment from the freight forwarders in Dubai.lts-worldwide-supply-chain-solutions-1024x480.jpg